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The Multicultural Ministry is dedicated to expand and coordinate the establishment of churches of different ethnic backgrounds in the territory of the Central States Conference by identifying the various ethnic communities, planning evangelistic efforts and, planting churches as result of this initiative.  We provide vision and support to the established churches through training, evangelistic support and ministry development to ensure that the church continues the expansion of the gospel as described in Acts 1:8.
Jesus described in Acts 1:8 the intention of and the process through which the commission was to be fulfilled.  It certainly was an ambitious plan to reach the whole world with the message of salvation despite the distance from the point of origin, language and cultural differences of the nations to be reached and many other obstacles that come to mind with the natural process of movement.  When we look at the O.T. we realize that God had the intention to create a center for wisdom and salvation by appointing a nation (The Jews) and establishing a city (Jerusalem) as a mean to reach out to the nations who would come at the mere testimony of the wonderful acts of God through his people (Zach 8:20-23).  Nonetheless, in the N.T. Jesus is sending his disciples out of Jerusalem and into the world in order to fulfill the commission.


Now a days, God has brought into our territory many of the nations of this world and place them in the midst of our urban cities.  He still expect us to go out and preach the gospel outside of our language and cultural comfort zone.  Here at Multicultural Ministries, we are committed to ensure that the gospel reaches all of those nations that God has placed in our territory by sizing every opportunity and using every resource at our disposal in order to let everyone know that Jesus died for them and that he is soon returning to take us home.  We challenge you to join us in leaving your comfort zone and take any opportunity to testify of your salvation to others in spite of any cultural difference it may exist.  May being ready to encounter him be the desire of our hearts!!

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