Central States Conference of Seventh-day Adventist
2021 Ordination Service Promotional Space

G. Alexander Bryant Youth Center • 3321 Garfield Ave. • Kansas City, KS 66104

Our 2021 Ordination Service is a one day event hosted by the Ministerial Secretary's Department, that is designed to bring all of our Conference's Pastors and Departmental leaders together to share in the Celebration of their graduating peer's credentials from "Licensed" to "Ordained" Minister. We would like to present you with the opportunity to support our event and in doing so present your organization/ministry to our church communities October 23rd virtually or in print. The Event will be streamed and attended both virtually and in person by all of Central States Conference congregations. You can partner with us in the following ways:

  1. Use our ordination booklet, which is handed to every attendee and visitor, for marketing and advertising purposes or to send greetings from your business, school, or organization.

  2. Support our event with a monetary donation and be noted as a sponsor in the ordination booklet, have logo highlighted on our main screen and digital signage.

  3. Reserve air time for a commercial to be played during the live stream of the event on our Facebook and YouTube channels @thecsconference.