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Rachel L. Banks

                Her professional passion is spreading the gospel. Her personal passion is helping young people learn to receive Christ as their savior.

Central States Conference Pathfinder Director

Rachel began as a Pathfinder along with her siblings in the early 70’s at the Parkhill SDA Church in Denver, CO under the direction of Vina Mae Cole and Drill Master Gerald Christmas Sr.   Her early teens and teen years were enjoyed in the Pathfinder club later lead out by Lonnie Webber.

Rachel returned to the club in 1995 to work with the Adventurers and Eager Beavers.  From 2001-2005 Rachel directed the Roho Rafikima Pathfinder club.  After that time was requested as the new CSC Pathfinder Coordinator by the retiring coordinator Gerald Christmas Sr. and CSC Youth Director Pastor Keymone Hines.

Rachel has facilitated and organized CSC in 2004 and 2009 Oshkosh International camporee, 2006 CSC camporee and 2012 MAUC Camporee.  She also facilitated numerous workshops, investitures and Master Guide training sessions.

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Rachel vision for the CSC MAPs Ministries is to be a community service oriented, spiritual, recreational activity youth organization.  To have dedicated and knowledgeable leaders to prepare our young people for the soon return of Christ.

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