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"Where strength is found in God's knowledge and character is built for eternity"



St. Louis Unified School is a Pre-K through Eighth Grade school that offers a safe Christ centered schooling environment within the Jennings, MO community.
We are now enrolling for the 2021-2022 school year of in-person instruction. Our multi-grade classrooms have a small student-teacher ratio and focus on helping students to grow spiritually, socially and academically.
Please use our online registration to secure your child's place today!
We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our school. 

We exist to help students grow in their love for Jesus.


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Event Calendar

Event Calendar

Welcome Message From Our Lead Teacher...

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is when Elisha told King Joash to shoot his arrows. Joash only shot three and then stayed his hand. Elisha told Joash that he should have shot 5 or 6, for then he would have surely overcome his enemy, but because he only shot 3 times, he would only smite his enemy 3 times. Now that may seem strange, but it is one of my favorites because it reminds me that if I give my all God will surely come through for me. It also reminds me not to give up. 


Ellen G White says in Prophets and Kings regarding this story: 


“When God opens the way for the accomplishment of a certain work and gives assurance of success, the chosen instrumentality must do all in his power to bring about the promised result. In proportion to the enthusiasm and perseverance with which the work is carried forward will be the success given. God can work miracles for His people only as they act their part with untiring energy.”


This is my commitment to you as parents, students, and constituents of St Louis Unified School. We will be successful, but we have to work together and give our all. We have God’s promise and His promises are sure. Let’s make this school year one of the best yet! 

-Nicole Turner Droste 



Our Staff

Our Staff
Gidget Meeks.jpg

Gidget Meeks

K-4 Grade Teacher

Mrs. Meek's hobbies include hiking, singing, dancing and traveling.

"What I love most about teaching is to see the light of understanding come on in the minds of children.

I enjoy being an Adventist teacher because it allows me to influence the mind of students for Jesus Christ and to generate in them a love for learning."


- Mrs. Meeks



Nicole Turner-Droste
5-8 Grade Teacher
Lead Teacher

Mrs. Droste's hobbies include Singing, Pathfinders, and traveling. She has visited 30 states and has a goal to visit all 50!

"What I love most about teaching is the moment I see the understanding in my students’ faces. I love teaching because I have the opportunity to make creative ideas come to life and challenge my students to do the same. I love to have fun in class, but also want learning to be the highest priority next to a sense of family, belonging, and safety."


- Mrs. Droste


Keith Hackle.jpg

Keith Hackle
7-8 Grade Math Teacher (Volunteer)

Mr. Hackle's hobbies include playing sports, PlayStation, reading and hosting game nights with his family.

Mr. Hackle serves as the pastor of the Agape SDA Church in St. Louis and volunteers as the upper grade Math Teacher for St. Louis Unified School. 

"I have always had a passion for math and pride myself on making the subject fun and understandable for those that usually find it complicated and boring. I challenge my students to remove can't from their vocabulary and believe that they can." 


Pastor Hackle


Belinda Cooper.jpg

Blinda Cooper
Admin Assistant

Mrs. Cooper's hobbies include watching TCM movies, assembling puzzles and playing Video games!


"I love working at St. Louis Unified School because it gives me a chance to make a difference in the lives of the children in our community. To be a witness to children about Jesus Christ is the most rewarding journey I’ve ever been on."

- Mrs. Cooper



Dionne Jasmine.jpg

Dionne Jasmine






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9001 Lucas and Hunt Rd, St. Louis, MO 63136  |  Tel: 1(314)869-7800

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9001 Lucas and Hunt Rd,
St. Louis, MO 63136
Phone: 1(314) 869-7800

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